case study: serving yourself

Sometimes I’ll find something that is perfectly written and I can’t forget what I read because, in that moment in time, it is a direct correlation to what I am feeling in the moment. The words below are not mine, but speak volumes to my heart, and serve as a reminder that life has unwarranted occurrences – the key to growing is figuring out the best way to navigate through the hardships and keep going:

“Putting yourself in various situations always leaves you with a feeling that you are not actually in control. The results of your participation in circumstances that are not of your choosing are always positive.

By now, you will have had several experiences in your lives that you never would have asked to experience. And by now you have recognized the value that you received from most of those experiences. There are undoubtedly still a few holdouts.

It is important for you to acknowledge how everything that you have experienced has served you. Not only will you receive the full benefit of having had those experiences, but in so doing you remind yourselves that not everything that comes your way is going to have whipped cream and a cherry on top. Those are the experiences that grab your attention. Those are the experiences that help you awaken.
Not everything along your path that serves you must also be unpleasant and unwanted. I just want to point out that those unpleasant, unwanted life circumstances are filled with the energy that will propel you into the better version of yourself.

So look not to create a perfect life by your standards and definitions. Look instead to find the perfection in the life you are living. See it all as a wondrous journey that includes peaks and valleys. And you will always shine brightest, even after getting dragged through the mud.”

– AM


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