case study: acknowledgement

If I were to give you one piece of advice to live by and to apply to everything that you are living, I would tell you to give yourself more credit. If you were to give yourself more acknowledgement, more praise, more love, you would see instant results in your life. Not only would you enjoy your life more, and not only would you feel better all that time, but that which is the reflection of your world would immediately show you how much it has to give.

Giving yourself the credit that you deserve does not mean that you have to tally up all of your accomplishments and praise each one. It means that you acknowledge the light that is you. The light that is you does not need to accomplish or achieve anything. The light that is you simply is. We are all gifts unto this world. Your gifts are not your talents. Your gifts are your being-ness. Your mere existence is a gift.

So many of you want to do something with your lives. You want to find your calling and your purpose, and you want to take the necessary action steps to get to where you want to go. You want the world to acknowledge your light before you do. But what I recommend is that you look within yourselves for the light that you are, and without changing a thing, you give yourselves that acknowledgement and that credit and that love for simply existing as you are.

And then by all means be the light that you are and shine it as far as you can. Stop looking for your purpose. Become your biggest fan. Be willing to let yourselves off the hook. Be willing to measure your success by how much you are acknowledging yourselves in the here and now for the unique expression of the source that you are, and for no other reason than that.

And everything that you do and say and are will follow from that acknowledgement. And you will shine. And others will notice. And you will show them how to find and acknowledge their own.

– AM

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