case study: intros

I have been thinking about making this kind of site for about… 3 years now? Yeah, 3 – that sounds right. I’ve also been thinking about writing my first post and then that little voice inside my head said: “Okay, so when you go live it’s on and then you can’t go back… you aren’t thinking about doing it anymore… YOU ARE doing it.”

So, I waited a few more months – got more pissed off at myself that I hadn’t put my thoughts into action… stalled, made excuses, talked about WHAT I wanted to create with this site, told people my idea of WHAT I wanted to do, talked about it some more… thought about it again and again and again – procrastination at it’s finest, if you will… (I think we are all good at that, don’t you?)

I know it took me so long because I had to figure out the right way to express myself authentically and in a way that doesn’t make me feel confused. I work really hard at everything I do – and I think that in my search of being the best that I can be – I have found the areas in my life where I am the strongest. One of the gifts I have been given is the ability to connect with people on a different level I can’t really explain. It’s hard to put into words… but the best way I can describe this blessing (and curse) of mine is that no matter who you are, or where you came from… – I get you. I understand we all have a past, we are made up of our experiences and everyone has a story… and in this story of ours we have most likely felt a tornado of emotions that you think no one else understands, but in reality, that’s simply not true. I have no problem sharing my past, insecurities… the heartache; I’m not afraid to share anything with anyone because this is who I am and I want to be real with myself and whoever crosses my path. I hope that by being honest I help you understand that you are never alone in whatever is bringing you down because you shouldn’t have to. Life is super twisted these days, and the only time I am OK with being twisted is after I drink a whole bottle of French Rose – you feel me?

Let’s be real – in this day and age there is a growing number of people who feel lost due to the overwhelming amount of garbage that is shared on the internet. You are constantly comparing your lives to others… you are glued to your mobile devices because of your work, life… everything depends on it… and you become increasingly unhappy. Don’t you understand that we all live this sort of life nowadays? The objective of this site is to offer something a bit more “real” than what you are used to viewing on a daily basis. The purpose of this site is to offer a channel where you can go and I can help you understand what matters and what does not. I would like this to be a platform where you feel connected… a foundation where you can visit and relate in the same way… All I want to do is make it easier for you and let you know that life, yep – it’s hard… but we are all fighting something and that is what interests me more than anything.

Let’s discuss.


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